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Supernatural Jo

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Supernatural Jo

Joanna Beth Harvelle ist eine fiktive Figur in der Drama- / Horror-Fernsehserie Supernatural von The CW Television Network, die von Alona Tal dargestellt wird. Joanna Beth Harvelle, genannt Jo, ist in "Supernatural" Ellens Tochter. Sie leben im Road House und Jo will genauso auf Monsterjagd gehen wie Sam und. Supernatural • Sam #Winchester and Jo #Harvelle.

Joanna Beth Harvelle

Read Jo from the story Supernatural - Facts by Super_Alpha with reads. winchester, samwinchester, deanwinchester. "Jo" heißt eigentlich Joanna. Jun 19, - inachevrolet: “ Born Under a Bad Sign || Every episode in B&W”. Jul 16, - This Pin was discovered by Allie Cheviot. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Supernatural Jo Les News à Streaming House Video

Supernatural 2x14: Born Under A Bad Sign - Sam \u0026 Jo

Alona Tal, Actress: Broken City. Alona Tal, an Israeli-American singer and actress, was born on October 20, in Herzliya, Israel. She began her career after serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Her big break came in starring in an Israeli film. At the time she also starred in two television series in the country, and also dabbled in music, recording several songs with. Ellen Harvelle is a fictional character on The CW Television Network 's Supernatural portrayed by Samantha Ferris. Introduced in the second season in order to explore a mother-daughter relationship in the hunting world, the "gun-toting, beer-slinging" Ellen brought a "maternal energy" to the male-dominated series. It was destroyed by demons in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, at which point she resumed hunting. Ellen hunted with and was married to Bill Harvelle prior to his death. She and Bill had a daughter named Jo, who later became her hunting partner. In an alternate timeline, she married Bobby Singer. Created by Eric Kripke. With Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins. Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as hunters, fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds, including monsters, demons and gods that roam the earth. History Sister Jo is an angel who was formerly known as Anael in Heaven, where she worked as Joshua 's right-hand angel. She spurned Joshua's offer of more responsibilities after visiting Earth and seeing the pain and suffering of humans and questioning why God does nothing. April 15, Star Sign: Libra. Supernatural has that from the very first episode. Help Learn to edit Community portal Stranger Things Cast changes Upload file.

Il lui aurait dit qu'un jour il lui renverrait l'ascenseur. Elle tombe amoureuse et pense fonder un foyer avec lui. Vincent 'Vince' Vincente est un musicien leader du groupe Ladyheart.

Tommy fait partie du groupe Ladyheart. Il se fera tuer par Dean avec le Colt. En plus de savoir l'emplacement de Dieu, il est l'un des quatre anges qui ont vu Dieu en personne.

Toutefois, Michel intervint, tua Anna et renvoya Uriel dans le ciel. Il a davantage l'allure d'un ange "fonctionnaire", "bureaucrate", que d'un ange soldat.

Castiel lui dira alors qu'il suit les ordres. Elle lui dit qu'elle ne peut pas le trouver et lui demande de venir la rejoindre quelque part avec Sam.

Balthazar est un ange. Balthazar fit un air innocent mais cela fut vain car Castiel savait d'avance que Balthazar l'avait trahi.

Metatron est le scribe de Dieu. Metatron devient ensuite le principal antagoniste. Just to be back at all was a blessing. She noted, however, "Obviously, [Jo] died.

Critical reception to Jo has been generally positive. Diana Steenbergen of IGN favored Jo from the beginning, deeming her "tough and direct, and also female, something the boys don't have a lot of in their lives right now".

She also believed that Jo and Dean had a "natural chemistry" between them, which continues even with her reappearance in the fifth season.

The character's death saddened Charles, but she admitted it was a "very effective move. It's not necessarily just about what the characters say or do, it's about what they don't say—what they can't find the words for.

Regarding the character's reappearance in "Defending Your Life," Steenbergen described the scenes between Jo and Dean as "compelling" and "the highlights of the episode.

On the other hand, Sean Elliott of IFMagazine disliked the " Scrappy-Doo qualities of the character". He compared Jo to Dawn Summers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , feeling that she "is always trying to help and always gets in the way.

In , fans voted "tough and compromising" Jo the 53rd sexiest female character in fantasy and science fiction film and television in a poll conducted by SFX for the Top Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jo Harvelle Supernatural character Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle.

Bibliography [ edit ] Knight, Nicholas Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 2. Titan Books. Footnotes [ edit ].

Season 2. Episode 2. Episode 6. The CW. Episode Miller Tobin February 8, Season 5. September 17, November 19, Season 6. April 15, Later, Ellen and Dean are able to break the spell War has over them.

Jo and Ellen join Sam , Dean , Bobby and Cas in a mission to retrieve the Colt and use it to kill Lucifer. Jo helps Sam and Dean break into Crowley 's mansion, and the demon gives them the weapon, claiming he wants Lucifer dead as much as they do.

At Bobby's place , the night before they take off after Lucifer, Dean hits on Jo with his "last night on Earth" line, but she turns him down.

Jo, Ellen , Dean and Sam arrive at the town they meet Meg , now in a new meatsuit. She unleashes hellhounds them after them.

Dean kills one of the dogs, but he is nearly attacked until Jo saves him, shooting a dog, before she is attacked herself and is badly wounded.

They take her to a store and barricade themselves with salt. After a while they realize that she isn't going to survive, and they set up explosive devices made from propane gas tanks and buckets loaded with salt and iron nails.

Ellen didn't want to leave her daughter, and she sits down with her, crying. Dean says goodbye to her and says he'll see her on the other side, kissing he goodbye.

Sam and Dean then leave, leaving Jo and Ellen to their grim-looking fates. Jo eventually dies from her wounds. The hellhounds then proceed to come inside the shop, just to be blown asunder after Ellen sets off the explosives, killing the hounds and herself.

After Sam and Dean enter Heaven , they encounter Ash , and inquire if he has seen Jo and Ellen. Ash it turns out was unaware that Ellen and Jo had died, as he had not encountered them in Heaven and was greatly saddened by this information.

He asks the brothers if the two women "went out fighting," and is somewhat consoled that they had. The brothers are captured by Meg, who wants to find Crowley.

After Sam suggests that the brothers work with her to kill Crowley , Dean is enraged, pointing out that she killed Ellen and Jo with hellhounds.

Sam sways him by assuring him that Meg will be killed once she has helped them. In the alternate timeline created by Balthazar , Jo is alive and hunting with her mother investigating deaths in California, similar to those Sam and Dean are looking into.

After Ellen returns home to Bobby , her husband in the alternate timeline, Jo continues hunting 'with her own crew'. When the timeline is restored, Jo is gone.

In the motel room, she tells Lucifer that they forced her to tell them how weak he is. As Dean prepares to restrain Lucifer, Jo attacks Sam, allowing Lucifer to get Cas and then Dean.

As he begins to slowly kill the three, he is interrupted by Arthur Ketch who throws a demon bomb , forcing Lucifer to teleport himself and Jo away.

Unsure what to do next, Jo takes Lucifer to meet with Dumah at the Playground , where Lucifer convinces the angels to make him the ruler in exchange for creating more angels and giving them their wings back.

In Heaven , Jo stands beside Lucifer as he takes his place upon Heaven's Throne and the angels bow before him.

Jo enters Heaven's Throne Room to find Lucifer sitting on the floor playing solitaire. When Lucifer asks where she has been and says that she should be more appreciative and stay by his side, Jo asks Lucifer why he isn't doing anything to lead the angels or inspire mankind.

She tells him they came to Heaven to help the angels and make Heaven better. When Dumah enters with news regarding not being able to locate Jack , Lucifer gripes to Jo about the lack of respect and how God would be unquestioned in His orders to the angels.

Jo simply tells Lucifer that God created and he inherited, and that if he wants to be treated like God, he should try acting like Him, before leaving the room.

After his attempts at being God end in disaster, Lucifer complains to Jo about the weakness of the angels and humanity and how he plans on refocusing to find his son, Jack, so that together they can recreate the world in his image.

Jo admonishes Lucifer; frustrated that he lied about being able to make more angels, she tells him it's not the angels or humans or God that are killing him, it's that he's afraid that his son will have nothing but contempt for him.

She tells him he can't replace his father or create, so he might as well be back in the Cage. Lucifer reaches out from his seat and grabs Jo by the throat.

His eyes blaze red in anger as he squeezes harder, staring at Jo, who is struggling for breath. Then he lets go and Jo backs away towards the door, leaving Lucifer alone, telling him he no longer has her either as she leaves.

After a service spent healing the sick, Jo is walking down a dark alley counting her money when she is confronted by Michael. He asks her what she wants, and Jo gives him a materialistic answer, which Michael sees right through.

He goes on to tell Jo that she just wants love, a family, and to belong. Finding her human-like desires disappointing, he tells her that if the other angels are as sad and fallen as she is, they may not be worth saving.

Later, Jo places a call to Sam , telling him they have a problem. It's revealed that Jo told Sam about seeing Michael in Duluth, Minnesota.

Bobby questions whether or not they should trust Jo as he believes that angels aren't the most reliable source of info, but Sam confirms her story when he finds a local news page about a pile of corpses who, according to the article, appear to have died as a result of angel smitings.

Castiel meets Sister Jo at a diner.

Supernatural Jo Ehepaar: Klaus Supernatural Jo. - Weitere Charaktere aus "Supernatural"

Afghanista Blacklist: Charakter, Kate 'Mr.
Supernatural Jo Joanna "Jo" Beth Harvelle war die Tochter von Ellen und William Harvelle. Sie wollte ihrem Vater. Joanna Beth Harvelle ist eine fiktive Figur in der Drama- / Horror-Fernsehserie Supernatural von The CW Television Network, die von Alona Tal dargestellt wird. Dean und Jo Harvelle (jedoch nur Flirts und keine wirkliche Beziehung); Dean und Lydia (Daraus entstammt Emma); Dean und Annie Hawkins . Read Jo from the story Supernatural - Facts by Super_Alpha with reads. winchester, samwinchester, deanwinchester. "Jo" heißt eigentlich Joanna.
Supernatural Jo
Supernatural Jo Jo besitzt auch heute noch ein Eisenmesser ihre Vaters, Zdf Leichtathletik Wm dessen Klinge die Buchstaben W. Sie stirbt in der 5. Da ich die Buchvorlage kenne, bin ich natürlich mit
Supernatural Jo
Supernatural Jo After the Fall, all Supernatural Jo angels were a mess. Chicago Tribune. Although executive producer Robert Singer stated that Jo would not Kino Hannover Heute appearing in the sixth season, he noted that it was possible she could return in the next season. Cas and Sister Jo continue to search fruitlessly for the object and she ends up stepping on a rat. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 3. After this, Ellen tells Jo about the circumstances of her father's death. When Ellen and Sam go looking for them, Das Wandelnde Schloss Stream Hd find them, she thinks they have been possessed by demons. Originally Harvelle's Roadhouse. Critical reception to Jo has been generally positive. While holding Jo hostage, the demon plays cruel mind games with her by first telling her that Dean doesn't return her feelings for him and then by telling her that John actually killed Bill to "put him out of his misery" after he incurred fatal wounds, despite Bill's pleas to see his wife and daughter one more time. Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source History. Entertainment Weekly's EW. Titan Books. Just to be back at all was a Kino Simbach Am Inn.

Auf der Kino Dormagen Seite Supernatural Jo Toni disziplinierter und taffer als ich. - Supernatural - Facts

Während sie nach der verschwundenen Theresa suchen, wird Jo von Holmes entführt und sie erwacht in einem Kasten in einem dunklem Mein Alice.


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