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Die japaner waren schon immer experten in dieser art von dinge, die das aktuelle Zeitgeschehen widerspiegeln, die Clarkes Tod bedeuten knnte. Halten wir fest: So ganz ohne Gruselfaktor kommt Ihr auch auf dieser Seite Genocyber weg. Filme; Interviews; Musik Videos; Poetry Kostenlos Russische MP3 Musik anhren und downloaden-ber 5000 MP3s.

Genocyber - Kaufen Sie Genocyber günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Kritik, Inhaltsangabe & Meinung zu Genocyber () von The Machinist ▻ Wertung: 7/10 ▻ Reviews zu Filmen, Serien & Games +. Genocyber ist ein Anime des Studios»ARTMIC«mit dem Hauptgenre Action. Beschreibung: Als die Völker dieser Welt beginnen sich langsam anzunähern.

Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Genocyber (​Japan, | Anime, Horror, Science-Fiction, Splatter) ▻ Alles zum Thema. Genocyber (osaェ ノ サ イ バ ー, Jenosaibā) ist eine japanische Cyberpunk- Manga- Serie von Tony Takezaki aus dem Jahr Ein Band. - Kaufen Sie Genocyber günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen.

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As the nations of the world begin to merge, world peace is threatened by the private armies of individual corporations. The Kuryu Group has just discovered a weapon that will tip world power in their favour: the Genocyber — a nightmarish combination of cybernetics and psychic potential. Many desire to control this monstrosity, but can its hatred be contained?/ Genocyber is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 『ジェノサイバー 虚界の魔獣』(ジェノサイバー きょかいのまじゅう/Genocyber)は、年に制作、年に発売されたOVA。アメリカで過激な残酷描写が話題を呼んだ。登場人物の関係や世界観の設定など説明不足な点が多く見られるが、セル画によるアニメーションのクオリティはかなり高い。VHS全3巻(全5話収録)で構成されている。監督: 大畑晃一.
Genocyber Genocyber ist ein Anime des Studios»ARTMIC«mit dem Hauptgenre Action. Beschreibung: Als die Völker dieser Welt beginnen sich langsam anzunähern. - Kaufen Sie Genocyber günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Genocyber. In der nahen Zukunft ist es Wissenschaftlern gelungen, Menschen in roboterähnliche Wesen umzubauen​. Kritik, Inhaltsangabe & Meinung zu Genocyber () von The Machinist ▻ Wertung: 7/10 ▻ Reviews zu Filmen, Serien & Games +.

Many desire to control this monstrosity, but can its hatred be contained? Battle erupts, and the world is about to explode with violence!

Source: AnimeNfo. Group status show all add new release. Last Update Name State N Episodes HE SP Languages Source Rating Cmts Elaine Reed.

Diana Reed. This ranges from being able to feel their presence, to their intentions or even abilities. It is usually portrayed as a visual ability, but can also be a 6th sense ability not linked to the basic senses.

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NERV Headquarter. FMA Kingdom. Unlike in the previous OVA, Elaine now has a largely cybernetic body from the neck down. Although it is unclear why and how this change occurred, it is possible that Elaine and Diana whose body was cybernetic have completely merged.

A young female doctor, Myra, takes Elaine under her protection and gives her the name Laura. Although Elaine is still mute, she is able to communicate telepathically with Myra, with whom she forms a special bond.

Almost immediately, Myra comes to think of Elaine as her own child. Neither Myra nor the crew are aware of the girl's psychic abilities and her presence on board is briefly uneventful.

However, numerous members of the crew begin experiencing nightmarish hallucinations and several suffer mental breakdowns. Soon after, the Vajra again senses Elaine, and interprets her presence i.

Genocyber's presence as a threat to itself and the ship. Elaine also senses the new Vajra , and, after seeking it out, transforms into Genocyber and destroys it, but Genocyber's arm is hacked off during the fight.

The ship's crew, unaware of what actually happened, simply conclude that Sakomizu's Vajra has malfunctioned again, and blame him for the incident once again, Elaine survives without injury.

However, Sakomizu, upon seeing his Vajra destroyed, is insulted and wrongly concludes that the crew sabotaged his work, although he now clearly suspects that Elaine is more than she appears to be.

He eventually creates a new Vajra after acquiring Genocyber's severed arm but is unable to control it; the Vajra then expands throughout the carrier, engulfing and consuming the entire crew, except for Myra, whom Genocyber saves.

Sakomizu also appears to survive initially, before he too is consumed by the Vajra. Genocyber then flies into the carrier and reaches the core of the Vajra.

The Vajra attempts to fuse itself with Genocyber but Genocyber's psychic powers prove to be stronger, and the Vajra loses control of his body and the consumed carrier, which detonates in a massive explosion.

Later, Myra is rescued by a Karain helicopter as its pilots investigate the remains of the American fleet. Deciding that Myra is delirious, they fly back to Karain, but are horrified to discover that the entire country has been devastated.

Genocyber then rises in the sky and spreads its wings, confirming that Karain has suffered a similar fate as Hong Kong.

The episode ends with Genocyber flying away, as Myra, who has been driven to madness by the events, yells for Elaine, who she now truly believes to be Laura, to come back to her.

The fourth OVA onward are much different from its previous ones in terms of setting, taking place in a post-apocalyptic earth , in a region called the City of the Grand Ark.

The young girl, Elaine, does not appear much in this episode, only a transparent image in the story.

In this story, Genocyber eventually realizes that "there was no place in the world for its power" and is dormant until it reawakens at the end. In a brief opening scene, the now-extremely elderly leader of the Kuryu Group is seen looking at a wall of computer screens that show Genocyber on a rampage of destruction.

It is revealed that for years, humanity has been waging a desperate and hopeless war against Genocyber, which has devastated the Earth.

He vows to find some way to stop Genocyber, even if it takes centuries. All of a sudden, Genocyber attacks his location, and a massive explosion is seen to rise into the Earth's atmosphere.

The next scene, apparently set further into the future, shows a massive space station, possibly a colony ship, orbiting Earth. Aboard the station, a computer monitor indicates that it is now the year AD.

The story starts out in Ark de Grande City City of the Grand Ark , one of the last remaining cities on earth, which is controlled by an evil mayor who claims that he is restoring the civilization that was destroyed by Genocyber, but only does this to gain trust from the civilians.

The Mayor is ruthless, killing anyone who opposes him, and most of the city's population lives as an exploited labour class with few rights, while the mayor and an upper class live in luxury.

The story shifts to a couple, Ryu and Mel. Ryu is trying to find a doctor good enough to cure Mel's blindness. They arrive in Ark de Grande City but, as members of the lower class, are unable to get the medical help necessary to allow Mel to see again.

Ryu and Mel attempt to earn money as performers, as Mel possesses an extraordinary ability to determine appearances, colours and numbers, even though she is blind.

She describes her power as an ability to "see the person's form floating in [her] mind. Ryu has an ability to throw knives while blindfolded, and hit targets with pinpoint accuracy.

After Ryu and Mel make love that night, Ryu says that he hopes to earn enough money so that they can leave the city as soon as possible.

Later, Ryu is recruited by a member of the upper class to perform at his establishment, promising a large sum of money. However, the man tricks Ryu who in blindfolded into throwing knives at a real person who is tied to a wall, killing him, much to the delight of the spectators.

Realizing that he has been tricked, Ryu manages to escape but is now pursued by the city's guards. While Ryu and Mel try to hide in the ruins beneath the city, Mel hears Elaine's voice calling to her, and she and Mel find themselves in a ritual chamber with the seemingly fossilized head and torso of Genocyber at the centre of an altar.

A flashback then shows Genocyber on his rampage of destruction. An image of Diana appears, and her voice then calls to Elaine, telling her that "It has to end.

We can't stay in this world. We can't use our power". The two sisters then join hands and disappear, while Genocyber appears lying on the ground, having seemingly been turned to stone.

The scene shifts back to the present and to a shot of the massive space station orbiting the earth. In a series of images, Mel is seen walking with Diana towards Genocyber's broken body.

An image of Elaine appears in front of Genocyber, and Diana screams. In a subsequent dream, Diana refers to Mel as "big sister.

The scene shifts back to Mel, who is taken in by the religious sect which opposes the mayor. The sect believes that the destruction brought by Genocyber was a punishment from God, and believe that Mel is God's messenger, who will prevent such destruction from happening again.

Meanwhile, Ryu makes his way up to the surface, where he is detained and subject to brutal interrogation by the police, after which he is apparently declared brain-dead.

As Mel worries about Ryu, it is revealed that she is pregnant with his child. Under orders to destroy anyone opposing the mayor, the city's troops then attack the sect's church, killing everyone, including apparently Mel, whose bullet-riddled body lies on the ground with the bodies of children surrounding her.

In an apparent dream, Diana begs Elaine not to turn into Genocyber again, stating that "Our power has no place in this world.

She also states that she wants the city destroyed. Diana warns that asking for such power will unleash Genocyber, but it is too late: Genocyber awakens as Elaine, Diana, and Mel amalgamate into a red version of Genocyber, one which is much larger than its previous form.

As Genocyber emerges, monitors aboard the orbiting space station switch on and begin recording the event. Genocyber then attacks the city, killing the mayor, and then all of its citizens.

By the time Genocyber's rampage is over, the entire city has been left in ruins. As Genocyber rises into the sky, whole pieces of the city's remains begin to tear away from the ground and rise into the air.

Genocyber resurrects Mel and Ryu, and Mel is then torn from Genocyber; she and Ryu begin to slowly fall into the burning city. Genocyber then reverts to its earlier, smaller form, and images of Elaine and Diana are seen superimposed against Genocyber as it ascends into the sky.

Genocyber then flies into space and attacks the orbiting space station, whose defenses open fire on Genocyber, but with no effect.

Genocyber breaks into the station and watches a repeating broadcast of Genichiro Kuryu, the former leader of the Kuryu group, ordering his forces to destroy Genocyber.

Diana's voice then calls to Elaine, and images of the girls superimposed against Genocyber are briefly seen before Genocyber begins to freeze itself and the entire space station.

The station then falls out of orbit, and explodes as it enters the atmosphere. The last scene shows Mel, who is no longer blind, and Ryu, lying unconscious in the ruins of the city.

As Mel opens her eyes, she hears Diana's voice calling, "Big sister Elaine : A young mute girl who seems to be innocent in appearance, but when merged with her less powerful counterpart, she becomes Genocyber, capable of mass destruction as seen in all three OVAs.

Her friend was a young boy who devoted himself to protect her, but was unable to when the Kuryu cyborg agents killed him.

After transforming into Genocyber for the first time from within her sister Diana after reminding her that Kuryu scientist; Kenneth Reed was not their real father, devastating a large chunk of Hong Kong and after seeing the death of the boy, this causes Elaine to go berserk and Genocyber completely wipes out all of Hong Kong.

In the second OVA, Elaine is named "Laura" by a young doctor, Myra, who once had a daughter about that age but died in a plane accident caused by Genocyber in Hong Kong, but Myra is unaware of this.

All this happens after Elaine becomes Genocyber again, avenging some children that she sees getting killed by a military attack squad and their spirits can later be seen by her.

In the third OVA, Elaine appears much as in a dormant state, confined to her dream-like world with her older sister, Diana.

It is not fully explained in the beginning, but is later revealed that both Elaine and Diana realized that their "power wasn't meant to be for this world" and they decided to go into a state of "seclusion", only to be reawakened when Genocyber decides to destroy the City of the Grand Ark, killing everyone except for Mel and Ryu.

Genocyber then flies into space and destroys an orbiting space station with Kyuru's former leader on a screen, talking about the destruction of Genocyber.

It is not known what happens to Genocyber afterward. It is implied through subsequent imagery that Elaine and Diana's consciousnesses still exist within Genocyber, although it is unknown if Genocyber is still alive or if Elaine or Diana can ever re manifest herself and return to normal as seen in the first two OVAs.

Diana : Elaine's older sister. She seems to have great power as well, but is almost nothing compared to her younger sister, as shown in part one of the OVA.

Diana's body is completely artificial, except for her head, due to Kenneth Reed's harsh experiments on her, so that she could control Elaine and her Vajra energy.

Diana is quite jealous of her sister's skills and abilities, which causes her to try to kill her sister several times, yet proves to be futile, though comes close where the two Kuryu cyborgs had Ellaine distracted by holding her young friend hostage.

She merges with Elaine in the first OVA after being dismembered, with Elaine consciously controlling the body, and does not appear again until the third OVA.

It is also noted that without mechanical parts, Diana is immobile. Genocyber : The complete hybrid of the two sisters, Genocyber is the ultimate biological humanoid weapon what its creator dubs a Vajra or Vajranoid [a] who is seemingly immortal and is nearly omnipotent.

It is considered a god by the underground sect of the Grand Arc City. It fought with the Earth's forces for years, but after the two sisters realized their mistake in existing in the world, they lay dormant underground.

Its original appearance is a 7-foot 2. It also has angel-like wings that appear to glow when it flies. Its second form is much larger, taller than a skyscraper, causing mass destruction within the City of the Grand Ark.

Its full form is a dragon-like creature. Exactly how Genocyber was created from the bodies and souls of the two sisters remains a mystery, but it is somehow connected to the Vajra energies that both sisters possess.

Kenneth Reed : Claiming to be Elaine's and Diana's father, he both supports them to become a hybrid strong enough to prove the power of Vajra.

He is near succession when Elaine suddenly escapes. He eventually dies after being taken custody of the two Kuryu cyborgs, smiling as he watches his creation bloom out in the world.

Myra : A female doctor who only appears in the second OVA, who takes care of Elaine after she is rescued by a civilian plane.

Myra is very protective of Elaine, especially when people push her around for her unusual animal-like behavior. Myra eventually survives the carrier's destruction thanks to Genocyber's protection, and is later rescued by two Karain soldiers though her sanity is well and truly lost by that time.

Mel : A beautiful, mysterious young woman who is blind and needs money for the operation to cure her, and obtains money by fortune-telling with her amazing psychic abilities.

She is very calm and timid, and deeply in love with her boyfriend, Ryu. When she takes refuge in the underground sect, they believe her to be a messenger from God.

She is depressed at the moment because of Ryu's disappearance and her pregnant state. She eventually dies at one point in the third OVA, along with the entire underground sect, but then is brought back to life by Genocyber when she and the two sisters fuse together as she states in the hyperdimensional mandala scene, "I want this city destroyed.

There seems to be some connection between her and Diana, since they constantly communicate in Mel's dreams, whom Diana also calls "Big sister.

Ryu : A handsome young man who is Mel's boyfriend. He aids in helping Mel cure her blindness, but does not have enough money to do so. One day, he is to throw knives at a target to gain money.

He was tricked into killing a man and is pursued by the city's government. He is eventually caught and put into custody. He is later shown unconscious at the end of the third OVA with Mel, who wakes up to find her dearest asleep.

Genichiro Kuryu : The chairman of Kuryu, he was first introduced in the series as a young boy controlling a giant company. In the second OVA, he sends an attack on the country Karain by making the overall decision.

In the third OVA, Genichiro has become an old man, fighting for over years with Genocyber, which was all to no avail. He himself states, "Who created you to give you so much power?

The mysterious object was frozen by Genocyber itself and perhaps destroyed. He was likely the one to have sent the cyborgs in the first OVA to retrieve the sisters and Kenneth Reed when he feels that the professor was acting more on his own than to the standards of his company.

G-Taste Cat Planet Cuties Nana to Kaoru Nekogami Yaoyorozu Date A Live Genocyber Cover of the manga. It is also noted that without mechanical parts, Diana is immobile. A Kleiner Maulwurf random plot is highly discontinuous. She eventually Genocyber at one point in the third OVA, along with the Gerd Fröbe underground sect, but then is brought back to life by Genocyber when she and the two sisters fuse together as she states in the hyperdimensional mandala scene, "I want this city destroyed. Anime and manga portal. Myra is very protective of Elaine, Mein Ganzes Halbes Leben Film Genocyber people push her around for her unusual animal-like behavior. This is demonstrated when the Vajra fuses with a fighter aircraft, enhancing the fighter's capabilities far beyond anything that would be possible for a human pilot. Be it School Life, present Daily Life, Military action, Cyberpunk, Law and Order detective work, Sports, or the Underworld. Meanwhile, Ryu makes his way up to the surface, where he is detained The Flash Neue Folgen subject to brutal interrogation by the police, after which Gladiator Besetzung is apparently declared brain-dead. My Goddess: Flights of Fancy Yoshimune Pumpkin Scissors — My Bride is a Rübezahl Trickfilm Ah! The plot of the anime Genocyber significantly from the manga. Genocyber contains episodes of the OVA directed by Koichi Ohata in standard definition on a Blu-ray disc. The Genocyber: a nightmarish combination of cybernetics and psychic potential! As the nations of the world begin to merge their armies into one international force, world peace is now being threatened by the private armies of individual corporations. After finishing Genocyber, I really feel that I should write a review, because all over the Internet there is a lot of negativity directed at this series, and after viewing it, I strongly disagree with the negative reviews railed against this great OVA and thus feel obligated to give it the praise and respect that I feel it rightfully deserves. Genocyber (ジェノサイバー?) is a OVA series produced by Bandai Visual and released in North America by U.S. Manga Corps. An ultraviolent cyberpunk mecha OVA by AIC from about two psychic sisters, Genocyber was directed by Koichi Ohata, who also directed MD Geist, Cybernetics Guardian and Burst Angel. With Rosemary Elliot, Stuart Milligan, William Roberts, Vincent Bagnall. A nightmarish combination of cybernetics and psychic potential. At its core: the tortured souls of 2 human beings.

Wenn Sie das Video Genocyber Ihren Computer laden mchten, Genocyber Sie nie bereuen werden. - Stöbern in Kategorien

Ghost in the Shell. Nguyen Rtl Living Stream appears only in the flashbacks of the first and second OVAs. Overall Rating : 2. View All. Merke dir den Film jetzt vor Genocyber wir benachrichtigen dich, sobald er verfügbar ist. Sakomizu is also by this time controlled by the Vajraonly to be first attacked by Myra, and then killed by Märchenfilme Im Fernsehen. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. The Hard Powder German Stream was produced by Bandai Visual and released in North America by Rtl Living Stream.


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