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This is the era of electronics. This is surely the contribution of modernization. We are living in this era of electronics. Today robot is another surprise to everyone because robots can do something special that normal person cannot do with that efficiency. So in every phase, robots are employed to do difficult commands. But today, those robots are used for misconducts. They are used for many bad things.

We all are already known about the Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is a new thing that adds up to the general misconducts online. Robots are today set up in front of computers to find out the critically designed information. So anyone can easily find out certain level information about anything by setting up the robots. But this is not so easy too. The robotic problem is known by all. So the website designers are now more cautious about it. They do not want to leave the responsibilities and the power to manipulate information to the robots. They want it done by manually.

Another problem with robot is that, robots can find out the directory which is original and robots can easily find out the root of the websites. The problem with root finding is so problematic seriously. Because the problems cannot be solved so easily as it is found out easily through the robots. If the root is found the contents of the original websites can be easily copied and they can get everything to copy.

So to prevent this robotic problem, the website designer designs the websites in such system that robots cannot access those websites. In the entrance of the website, a code is wanted to know. The code is always not the same. There are some blur or newly organized bar code wanted to know. Sometimes an audio capture is wanted to write after hearing so robotic problems are also secured more or less through the robot exclusion system. The common system used for the robot exclusion is Meta tag.

Meta tag is a special type of tag which is used to detect the robotic analysis. It prevents robots access. So the websites are now more secured than before. The robotic gestures can be taken into control those Meta tags within some years but experts are researching on it in order to control the Meta tag influence of the websites. Robotic influence is not so much influential in some special cases. The security of the websites is now rough and tougher from before. The central system more or less controls everything. But some experts are also researching on the modern robots.